Nice comment, Rob Wise. I think we’re on the same page here; testing done correctly is a best practice. My point is that some teams can go overboard on testing and under-invest in DevOps — especially for more junior engineers who get excited about adhering to a testing methodology they read about and loose sight of the business value.

In your comment, you twice say that your tests let you move faster; and that’s the key thing. You have a metric (development efficiency) against which you can judge your level of testing, so this keeps you focused.

It’s a crude way of putting it, but in most places I’d say testing can be described as one of:

  • Non-existent: having no tests is bad.
  • Disciplined: what you describe. Senior developers are thoughtful about push-button checks which let them move faster, and tests add clear ROI.
  • Zealous: a lot of testing is done for testing’s sake, or because We Follow X Practice Here.

In my post, I was trying to caution against the latter; but I certainly applaud and support teams who take a disciplined approach to build tests they agree are appropriate and useful, like you describe.

Consulting CTO open to projects. I’m a serial entrepreneur, software engineer, and leader at early- and mid-stage companies.

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