Consulting CTO open to projects. I’m a serial entrepreneur, software engineer, and leader at early- and mid-stage companies.


  • Divya Dias

    Divya Dias

  • Chris Lim

    Chris Lim

  • David Ross

    David Ross

  • Udit Gupta

    Udit Gupta

    India based Software Engineer. NIT Allahabad alumnus.

  • Godofredo Carlos Geyer

    Godofredo Carlos Geyer

  • Nithin Valappil

    Nithin Valappil

    Developer | Curious Nomad | अनुग्च्छ्तु प्रवाह:

  • Lalit Shandilya

    Lalit Shandilya

    Web Developer, Product Manager, Open Source, Startup bootstrapper, Social Media, Ruby on Rails

  • Johanna Evans

    Johanna Evans

    Co-founder at Paperflip, former Principal UX at SurveyMonkey, MD, Underwater Photographer, Book Artist.

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